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Long Term Care Costs Keep Increasing

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Tags: baby boomers, Long Term Care, long term care costs, long term care insurance

The cost of long term care continues to climb making it more important than ever that people plan for how they will pay for care when they need it.  Medicare does not pay for long term care. The cost of long term care depends upon where you are living so it is wise to look up the average costs in your area to determine how much financial protection you need.  Long term care insurance is one way to reduce financial risk in retirement.

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Family Caregivers May Not Be Your Long Term Care Solution

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Tags: baby boomers, caregivers, Long Term Care, long term care insurance

Family caregivers may be a disappearing breed.  As baby boomer live longer, with smaller families and higher levels of divorce, the family pool of who can provide care is shrinking. The caregiver ratio, a term coined by AARP, is the number of people in their 40s and 50s who are able to help care for those over 80. So baby boomers should take some time now to plan for long term care and figure out who will provide care or how they will pay for it and whether long term care insurance is an option.

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Medicare Covers Hepatitis C Screening for Baby Boomers

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Tags: baby boomers, Medicare, Medicare Part D

Baby boomers and those at high risk for Hepatitis C will now have their screening for the disease covered by Medicare.  An estimated 3-5 million people are infected with Hepatis C. Medicare said it will cover the screenings for the diseas.  The treatment for Hepatitis C can be costly - $84,000 for a 12 week treatment -- and those drugs are covered under an individual's drug plan either through Part D coverage or a Medicare Advantage plan with drug coverage.

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4 Tips on Why Life Insurance Over 60 Can Be Important

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Tags: baby boomers, life insurance, senior life insurance, term life insurance

Too many people think that once the kids are out of the house they can drop their life insurance policy.  But what about your spouse?  What happens to their lifestyle and finances if something happens to you?  And if you are helping aging parents, who will pick up those costs?  Here are four tips on why life insurance for baby boomers makes sense.

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Healthy Aging? Not Seniors in Some States

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Tags: baby boomers, healthy living, Long Term Care, Medicare, seniors

We do love rankings, don’t we?

Here’s a new one that looks at how states rank based on the health of their senior population.

Where does your state rank?  You can check out how your state fairs at the America’s Health Ranking website where you’ll get a snapshot for your state.

While the information may be helpful for policy makers looking at current and future health care needs, how can you use it? 

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Health Trumps Money When It Comes Baby Boomer Retirement Worries

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Tags: baby boomers, long term care insurance, Medicare Part D, Retirement

Remember the old saying “if you’ve got your health you’ve got everything?”

That seems to be the prevailing attitude among baby boomer Middle Americans when it comes to retirement.

For all the concern about having enough money in retirement, it is declining health that middle income Americans worry most about.  Concern about health is four times more than having enough retirement savings (10%) or outliving your money (9%).

Here are 5 tips for baby boomers to tackle those longevity worries.

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Baby Boomer Women Face Retirement Challenges

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Tags: baby boomers, Retirement, retirement planning

The Olympics were remarkable in so many ways and the strides that women are making in sports are truly amazing.  In the 2012 Olympics there were more women competing than men.  There were packed and enthusiastic crowds for many of the women’s competitions such as soccer and beach volley ball.

Women are also making strides in closing the income gap, according to a new study.  Women control over 27% of investable assets worldwide. In households where both spouses work, the percentage of women who earn more than their husbands have increased from 18% in 1987 to 29% in 2009.

Yet, when it comes to being financially prepared for retirement women aren’t making the gains one might expect. 

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Baby Boomers and Seniors See Good Times Ahead

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Tags: baby boomers, healthy living, Retirement, seniors

Ever optimistic, older adults say there are good times ahead in retirement even while they admit health and financial challenges may lie ahead. 

The past year of their lives has been normal or better than normal according to about 70% of respondents to a new survey, and more than 75% of seniors ages 60-69 expect their quality of life to stay the same or get better over the next five to 10 years. It’s a stark contrast to all the news reports about concern over retirement and health.

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