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Beneficiary and Missed Payment Notices: Are Your Insurance Policies Up-to-Date?

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Tags: Insurance, life insurance, long term care insurance

Is the beneficiary information in your life insurance up to date?  Is the notice of missed payment information in your long term care insurance policy filled in and up to date?  The beginning of the year is a great time to check insurance policy information to make sure this critical information is filled in and the contact information is up-to-date.

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3 Types of People Who Need Life Insurance Too

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Tags: caregivers, life insurance, seniors

Don't be fooled by the photos of young families on life insurance ads.  There are lots of other people who need life insurance too!  Single mothers and fathers, caregivers and aging adults are all groups of people who can benefit from having a life insurance policy.  If that's you, read about why you should shop and compare life insurance rates to protect your loved ones.

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Paying Too Much for Term Life Insurance?

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Tags: compare term life rates, life insurance, term life insurance

Are you a "buy and forget it" person when it comes to shopping for term life insurance.  If so, you may be paying too much for your life insurance.  Term life insurance rates are dropping so getting a term life insurance quote now will help you compare and see if you can save. Also check to make sure that you have enough coverage to protect your family. It is smart to shop and compare term life insurance rates to get the right policy at the best price for your needs.  Check out these 3 tips on buying life insurance.

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Help for Older Smokers Who Want to Stop

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Tags: health living, life insurance, Medicare supplement plans, Medicare supplement rates, seniors

Are you one of 4 million people over the age of 65 that smoke and want to stop?    Or do you want to help an older loved one stop smoking?  Try a new resource from the National Institutes of Health Quitting Smoking for Older AdultsIt offers videos, worksheets, interactive features, strategies, quizzes, and more for older smokers who want to or are thinking of quitting.

The incentives to stop smoking are many from saving on everyday expenses, to lower rates on life insurance and Medicare supplement plans.  But the best incentive is a longer and healthier life.





Beyond your health, there can be financial benefits as well.  First, you can reduce a major expenditure out of your budget.  For many older adults reducing their budget to live on a fixed income is essential.

The costs of insurance can go down when you are no longer a smoker.  Smokers pay more for insurance and that includes life insurance and Medicare supplement insurance plans.  While you will need to demonstrate that you have stopped smoking for a period of time (depends on the insurance company’s underwriting questions), being a non-smoker can save you money on insurance.  Some life insurance companies will even offer an incentive to smokers to quit: you’ll pay a lower rate than a smoker if you quit and stay a non-smoker for a certain number of years.

The incentives to stop smoking are many.  Living a longer and healthier life tops the list.  The NIH resource can be a good start.



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4 Tips on Why Life Insurance Over 60 Can Be Important

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Tags: baby boomers, life insurance, senior life insurance, term life insurance

Too many people think that once the kids are out of the house they can drop their life insurance policy.  But what about your spouse?  What happens to their lifestyle and finances if something happens to you?  And if you are helping aging parents, who will pick up those costs?  Here are four tips on why life insurance for baby boomers makes sense.

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Term Life Insurance Doesn’t Cost as Much as You Think

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Tags: life insurance, term life insurance

When it comes to insurance, we generally aren’t very good at guessing how much insurance costs.  We underestimate some and overestimate others.  New research shows that consumers believe the cost of life insurance is nearly three times the actual price!

And the younger you are the more likely you are to think life insurance costs a lot more than it does.  The survey asked people to estimate the cost of a 20-year, $250,000 level term life policy for a health 30 year old.  Survey respondents estimated $400 per year when the actual cost ...

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When Term Life Insurance Expires: What Next?

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Tags: life insurance, senior life insurance, term life insurance

If you have a term life insurance policy you hopefully bought it with very specific time frame in mind.  For example,  a 20 year term life insurance policy to see you through raising your children; or a 30 year term life policy to coincide with your mortgage.

So now that term life insurance policy is close to expiring.  What’s the next step?

It all depends on your specific situation.



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5 Tips on Buying Senior Life Insurance

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Tags: life insurance, senior life insurance, seniors

One of the last things most of us want in life is to be a financial burden to our family.  That’s why people buy guaranteed acceptance life insurance policies. They may want to provide enough money to pay final expenses or to leave a small amount to a caregiver for their help or enough money to fix up the house to sell it after they are gone.

Often known as final expense insurance or funeral insurance, a guaranteed acceptance life insurance policy usually has a benefit value of $20,000 or less.  It is also referred to as senior life insurance because it is life insurance for people 50 to 80 years old who may have medical conditions that make it impossible to qualify for other types of life insurance. 

Here are 5 tips for buying a guaranteed acceptance life insurance policy.

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3 Tips for Seniors on Cutting Insurance Costs

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Tags: life insurance, Medicare supplement, senior life insurance, seniors

There’s nothing like the start of a New Year to take a fresh look at your insurance.

  • Do you have the right coverage? 
  • Do you have enough coverage? 
  • Can you cut your insurance costs? 

Most of us treat insurance as a “once-and-done” decision. And that may be true of some types of insurance, but for others a yearly insurance review makes good sense.

Here are 3 tips for assessing your insurance in 2013.

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