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Dental Coverage for Retirees: Don't Look for Medicare to Cover Your Costs

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Tags: dental, insurance, Medicare, seniors

Medicare does not cover routine dental care and that leaves many retirees scrambling for dental insurance.  We find that dental insurance for many retirees is just not worth the cost.  The premiums are high, there are often one and two year waiting period for some of the more expensive benefits, and, the coverages tops out at $1000 or $1500.  This question and answer from Longevity Alliance provides tips on dental options for seniors.

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More Flexible Credit Reporting Rules on Medical Debt

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Tags: debt, medical, Medicare, seniors

Medical debt will be treated differently by credit reporting agencies giving consumers more time before the medical bills negatively impact credit scores.  And once resolved the credit rating agencies agreed that the debt will be removed.  This is good news for seniors with Medicare  who often end up with medical debt while they are waiting for insurance payments to catch up to their bills.

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3 Types of People Who Need Life Insurance Too

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Tags: caregivers, life insurance, seniors

Don't be fooled by the photos of young families on life insurance ads.  There are lots of other people who need life insurance too!  Single mothers and fathers, caregivers and aging adults are all groups of people who can benefit from having a life insurance policy.  If that's you, read about why you should shop and compare life insurance rates to protect your loved ones.

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No Increase in Medicare Part B Premiums for 2015

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Tags: Medicare, Medicare Part B, seniors

Good news for seniors.  No increase in Medicare Part B premiums (the part of Medicare that pays for doctor's services) for 2015.  The monthly premium and will be the same in 2015, CMS announced.  This is the third year in a row that rates have remained the same.  As Medicare Open Enrollment begins it is now easy to compare plans and potential costs for your Medicare health plan 2015.

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Getting Rid of Prescription Drugs

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Tags: Medicare Part D, prescription, seniors

What's the right way to get rid of unused prescriptions? Toss it?  Flush it?  As many seniors find themselves with left over medicines following a change in prescription or diagnosis, you're left with the question of what to do with the unused prescriptions.

There are 3 options: toss it in the trash; flush it; or save it for a medicine take-back program in your community. Which you choose depends on the prescription.  The safest is the community take-back program where the drugs are disposed of correctly for you.

And don't forget to remove all your personal information off the prescription bottle before you toss it!

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Help for Older Smokers Who Want to Stop

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Tags: health living, life insurance, Medicare supplement plans, Medicare supplement rates, seniors

Are you one of 4 million people over the age of 65 that smoke and want to stop?    Or do you want to help an older loved one stop smoking?  Try a new resource from the National Institutes of Health Quitting Smoking for Older AdultsIt offers videos, worksheets, interactive features, strategies, quizzes, and more for older smokers who want to or are thinking of quitting.

The incentives to stop smoking are many from saving on everyday expenses, to lower rates on life insurance and Medicare supplement plans.  But the best incentive is a longer and healthier life.





Beyond your health, there can be financial benefits as well.  First, you can reduce a major expenditure out of your budget.  For many older adults reducing their budget to live on a fixed income is essential.

The costs of insurance can go down when you are no longer a smoker.  Smokers pay more for insurance and that includes life insurance and Medicare supplement insurance plans.  While you will need to demonstrate that you have stopped smoking for a period of time (depends on the insurance company’s underwriting questions), being a non-smoker can save you money on insurance.  Some life insurance companies will even offer an incentive to smokers to quit: you’ll pay a lower rate than a smoker if you quit and stay a non-smoker for a certain number of years.

The incentives to stop smoking are many.  Living a longer and healthier life tops the list.  The NIH resource can be a good start.



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