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Income Planing Strategies in Retirement

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What's harder - building a fund to take you through retirement or managing income in retirement to make sure your money lasts a lifetime? They are both a challenge.

Building a retirement fund (51%) is slightly more of a concern than managing retirement income (40%)- but they are both high on the top issues facing American consumers, according to a new survey by the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards.

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No Retiree Health Insurance. Now What?

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American Airlines non-union retirees got some bad news about their retiree health insurance: It's gone as of 2010. That shifts a big financial burden to 5500 retirees: health insurance costs they thought were covered. Retirees will be paying the entire cost putting a big dent in their retirement budget.

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Flu Season and Medicare Beneficiaries

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With all the talk about flu shots, things can get confusing for Medicare beneficiaries. So here's a quick look at seasonal flu and swine flu information for those on Medicare.

One way for older adults, especially those with chronic health conditions, to stay healthy is to get a seasonal flu shot. For years, the regular flu shot has been recommended for those 50 and older. The regular seasonal flu shot is now available and for those with Medicare Part B, the vaccine and the administration of the shot are covered by Medicare. If you have a Medicare Advantage plan check with your managed care plan first to see what the rules are for flu shots.

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Brain Gym Anyone?

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Tags: healthy living

We all know exercise is important to a healthy body.  But did you know you can exercise your brain and imrpvode its performance.  Are brain gyms just around the corner?

The field of brain health is exploding.  Neuro-imaging of the brain and well-documented clinical studies show that planned brain exercise can keep the brain healthy as we age.


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