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7 Tips for Healthy Exercise after 50

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Tags: healthy living, life insurance

One of the best ways to save money is to stay healthy. But sometimes overdoing exercise can land you at the doctor. Orthopedic surgeons are seeing a wave of exercise-related injuries among baby boomers -- a phenomenon referred to as "boomeritis."

While staying active promotes health, at age 50 and older the body is less forgiving. Injuries can occur when people push beyond the body's capability. Typical problems include tendinitis, bursitis, stress fractures and tendon tears (such as rotator cuff injuries).

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Tackling 3 Threats to Your Retirement Finances

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Tags: retirement

Figuring out the right retirement investment strategy in this market is no easy task. So, many investment advisers are suggesting "a bucket approach" to retirement savings.

Christine Benz, Director of Personal Finance for Morningstar, recently told attendees at the American Society of Aging conference that the flight to bonds could be putting some retirees at further risk in retirement.

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Why Create an Electronic Family Health History?

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Tags: long term cre insurance

It's probably still in bulky paper files in our doctor's office. And in our own files at home. Not easy to access or navigate.

Each of our family members and extended family members probably has the same. And our ability to share health history is limited. Often what we "know" about Aunt Betty's or Grampa's health may not be especially accurate. Yet, that family health history may hold some very important information for our health care practitioner.


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Getting a Grip on Retirement Health Care Risk

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The closer you get to retirement, the more you see how big a bite healthcare cost can take out of your retirement savings. So how do you plan and what are the biggest risks in figuring out your healthcare costs from age 65?

A new research report from the Center for Retirement Research at Boston College tackled these questions and came up with some recommendations.

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Health Benefits of Exercise at Any Age


Tags: healthy living

After two weeks of watching the Olympics, are you ready to pick up the pace of your exercise program? Or start a program to improve your overall health?

There is new evidence that you don't need to train at an Olympian's pace - just by adding walking to your daily routine or light weight lifting, you can increase longevity and improve your body and mind.

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