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4 Tips to Compare Medicare Supplement Plans

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Tags: Medicare supplement

The first rule in looking at a Medicare Supplement plan: you must shop around.

That's because the rates can vary substantially from insurance company to insurance company. But, the plan benefits are identical because they are standardized by the government.

So in a nut shell - the insurance companies must offer the same plan benefits, but can set their own rates. So that makes it really easy to shop and compare!

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Life in the 70s. What's Aging Look Like?

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Tags: seniors

Remember the question from the Beatles song will you still love me when I'm 64?

Well what about 74? What does life look like in the 70s?

Two of the defining factors that become more prominent in how you live are financial security and good health.

We've highlighted the chart in this article but recommend reading the article if you're interested in how society's attitudesof aging are changing. and some good food for thought about your life in the 70s.

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Talk Health Care with Your Financial Advisor? You Bet

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Tags: Medicare, Supplement

Anyone closing in on retirement knows that health care can be one of the biggest unknowns in retirement.

What if you have a stroke and need to pay for long-term care? With retiree insurance disappearing, more retirees face monthly premiums for Part B of Medicare, a Medicare supplement plan and Part D prescription drug insurance or a Medicare Advantage plan. If you develop a chronic health condition, some plan co-pays and deductibles can make a pretty big dent in the retirement budget.

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Retirement Planning: More Workers on Their Own

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Tags: long term care insurance

Fewer companies are offering employees individual investment advice or retirement planning services, according to a new survey. About 40% of companies offer this type of assistance, down almost 10% since 2006.

And as many workers know the traditional defined benefit pension plan is continuing to disappear: Just 27% of companies offer a traditional pension plan compared to 48% in 2006. At the same time the number of companies offering defined contribution plans (401 K's) grew to 92% from 81%. The survey comes from SHRM (the Society for Human Resource Management).

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