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Medicare Part D Rates Stable, Still Wise To Shop


Tags: Medicare, Medicare open enrollment

Some good news for Medicare beneficiaries your rates for Part D Prescription Drug insurance should be pretty much the same in 2011 as in 2010.

The average monthly premium will be about $30 compared to $29 in 2010.

Of course averages are just that averages - so some people will see smaller increases while others may see their rates increase more. It all depends on your plan which is why it's smart to shop and compare your current plan to the new plans when the information comes out in October, 2010.

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What's a "need" or a "want" in retirement?

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Tags: long term care insurance, Medicare

At this point in our lives we know that Budgeting 101 requires distinguishing between a "need "and a "want." That concept becomes even more important as you plan for retirement and a fixed income.

After all the media portrays a retirement filled with luxury yet the question for many near and current retirees is how to make sure the fixed income you have will cover the needs for a lifetime. The recession has brought that home for many of us, yet still there's a yearning for that dream retirement.

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Medicare Questions and Answers

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Tags: Medicare health plans

The New York Times blog "Bucks" just ran a great 3-part series of questions and answers about Medicare.

You can find them here.

The expert answers were provided by the Medicare Rights Center and cover the basics to some very specific questions about benefits and coverage for the disabled.

Whether you are new to Medicare or a Medicare beneficiary who has questions about coverage or getting ready for the annual election period (AEP), you'll find the information helpful.

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The State of Social Security and Medicare

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Tags: Medicare, Security, Social

Medicare and Social Security are in pretty good shape according to the 2010 Annual Report of the Trustees. That's good news for all of us. But especially those who are retired or close to retirement and counting on specific benefits from both programs.

The report said that Medicare is looking much healthier, thanks to the changes in the health care reform bill that reduces costs for prescription drugs and physician services.. The Hospital Insurance trust fund is expected to remain solvent an additional 12 years - until 2029. While Medicare finances have improved, further reforms will be needed.

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Faces You Know on Medicare and Social Security

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Tags: Medicare

Both Medicare and Social Security have turned to familiar faces to tell their story.

Andy Griffith, Patty Duke, Chubby Checkers. You know the faces...and the songs!

As part of the recognition of the 45th anniversary of Medicare, a new public service announcement was released by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) staring Andy Griffith. You likely remember him from The Andy Griffith Show and Matlock.

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