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4 Tips for Caregivers for Medicare Annual Enrollment

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Tags: aging parents, caregivers, Medicare, Medicare open enrollment

Whether you are a full time caregiver or just helping an aging parent or sibling or friend, finding the right Medicare plan during the Medicare Annual Enrollment Period can be a challenge.

The best way to make sure you’re getting the right information is to be prepared with some basic information that will help the advisor or agent help you find the right Medicare plan.

Here are four tips to helping your loved one through the Medicare Annual Enrollment Period.

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How Much Life Insurance Should I Buy?

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Tags: life insurance, senior life insurance, term life insurance

How much is the right amount of life insurance is a common question. The amount of life insurance you should own is tied to your annual earnings and also your financial obligations.  If you are looking at senior life insurance you may want to more heavily weight your desire to leave a legacy or pay final expenses.

Here are some things to consider when determining how much life insurance to buy.

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Medicare Info at Your Local Pharmacy

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Tags: Medicare, Medicare Part D

You will soon be able to find Medicare benefit information at your local pharmacies.

CVS Caremark, Thrifty White Pharmacy, Walgreens, Walmart and San’s Club will provide information about new preventive services available under Medicare, such as the new annual wellness visit and mammograms and information about the Part D doughnut hole.

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What Will Your Long Term Care Cost Your Family?

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Tags: caregivers, Long Term Care, long term care insurance

Somewhere in your 40s or 50s you’re likely to come across a family struggling with long term care needs and cost. It might be your own family or that of a colleague at work or a family in your neighborhood.

And many of us make the mistake of saying “It won’t happen to me.”

But the rising number of family caregivers and increasing number of people using long term care services contradicts that feeling. In fact, your odds of needing long term care assistance after age 65 are about 70%.

So we’ve compiled some compelling data points to help you put the risk of long term care in perspective.

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Be Ready for Medicare Annual Enrollment 2013

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If you’ve been through Medicare Annual Enrollment before you know that soon your mail box will be filling up with offers and the TV ads will be constant.  If you are new to Medicare and this is your first Fall enrollment period, don’t worry. 

It’s a simple enough process as long as you know the following important dates. And don't miss the deadlines! 

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Baby Boomer Women Face Retirement Challenges

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Tags: baby boomers, Retirement, retirement planning

The Olympics were remarkable in so many ways and the strides that women are making in sports are truly amazing.  In the 2012 Olympics there were more women competing than men.  There were packed and enthusiastic crowds for many of the women’s competitions such as soccer and beach volley ball.

Women are also making strides in closing the income gap, according to a new study.  Women control over 27% of investable assets worldwide. In households where both spouses work, the percentage of women who earn more than their husbands have increased from 18% in 1987 to 29% in 2009.

Yet, when it comes to being financially prepared for retirement women aren’t making the gains one might expect. 

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Baby Boomers and Seniors See Good Times Ahead

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Tags: baby boomers, healthy living, Retirement, seniors

Ever optimistic, older adults say there are good times ahead in retirement even while they admit health and financial challenges may lie ahead. 

The past year of their lives has been normal or better than normal according to about 70% of respondents to a new survey, and more than 75% of seniors ages 60-69 expect their quality of life to stay the same or get better over the next five to 10 years. It’s a stark contrast to all the news reports about concern over retirement and health.

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Medicare Prescription Drug Plan Rates Hold Steady for 2013

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Tags: Medicare, Medicare Part D, open enrollment, senior health insurance

Medicare prescription drug (Part D) beneficiaries have good news for 2013 – the average monthly premium for a basic Part D plan is expected to stay steady at about $30 per month.  This is the second year in a row that the average premium has held at about $30 per month.

But if you have a Part D plan, you may be paying more because you have a more comprehensive plan.  And it is still important to compare your plan during the upcoming annual enrollment period (AEP)

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Inflation Protection and Long Term Care Insurance

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Tags: long term care insurance

One of the most important decisions you make in selecting a long term care insurance policy is about inflation protection.  Selecting the right level of inflation protection in your policy will help make sure that you have enough money to cover long term care costs in the future.

The rule of thumb for inflation protection has been to select 5% compound inflation protection if you are under the age of 65. 

But the market is changing.

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Moving in Retirement? Try These Cities for Successful Aging

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Tags: aging in place, Long Term Care, Medicare, Retirement

Florida and Arizona move over. There are new retirement hot spots all over the country.

If you are thinking about moving when in retirement, finding the right location is about more than the weather; it’s about continuing a high quality of life as you age. So when you look at relocating a new study suggests you check out the resources that make some locations more attractive than others for older adults. 

Here are the top 10 large and small cities for successful aging.

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