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Power in Comparing Medicare Stars

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Tags: Medicare, Medicare advantage plans

Look to the stars – the Medicare stars that is-- if you are considering a Medicare Advantage or Medicare Prescription Drug plan.  Recent research says consumers are drawn to Medicare health plans with higher star ratings whether they are enrolling in the plan for the first time or switching plans.

Medicare has a five star rating that it applies to all Medicare Advantage and Medicare Part D plans.  Ranked one through five, Medicare encourages people to consider plans with star ratings of three stars or more

It is an easy way for the consumer to see how the plan ranks on such qualities as helping its members stay healthy and manage chronic conditions.

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Seniors with Medicare Get Free Flu Shots

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Tags: Medicare, Medicare Advantage, seniors

Each day the news brings more reports of the expanding flu epidemic and the dangers of the flu to certain high-risk groups. People age 65+ are considered a high risk group for flu generally because of complications such as pneumonia.

So, why not take advantage of the free flu shot from Medicare?  Medicare Part B covers both the costs of the vaccine and the administration by recognized providers. Since a Medicare Advantage plan provides the same benefits as Original Medicare, you’ll be covered with that plan as well. There is no coinsurance or co-payment.

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Preparing for Long Term Care Future Costs

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Tags: long term care insurance, Long-Term Care

There’s nothing like family gatherings over the holidays to bring about heightened awareness of the need for long term care services. And the question of how to pay for long term care when the need arises.

For those looking to the government for assistance in paying for long term care, don’t look too far.  The fiscal cliff legislation contained two provisions relating to long term care.  It repealed the CLASS Act.  And, it set up a commission to study how to provide affordable long term care.

And rates will be going up this year for women who buy long term care insurance policies.

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3 Tips for Seniors on Cutting Insurance Costs

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Tags: life insurance, Medicare supplement, senior life insurance, seniors

There’s nothing like the start of a New Year to take a fresh look at your insurance.

  • Do you have the right coverage? 
  • Do you have enough coverage? 
  • Can you cut your insurance costs? 

Most of us treat insurance as a “once-and-done” decision. And that may be true of some types of insurance, but for others a yearly insurance review makes good sense.

Here are 3 tips for assessing your insurance in 2013.

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