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Healthy Aging? Not Seniors in Some States

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Tags: baby boomers, healthy living, Long Term Care, Medicare, seniors

We do love rankings, don’t we?

Here’s a new one that looks at how states rank based on the health of their senior population.

Where does your state rank?  You can check out how your state fairs at the America’s Health Ranking website where you’ll get a snapshot for your state.

While the information may be helpful for policy makers looking at current and future health care needs, how can you use it? 

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When Term Life Insurance Expires: What Next?

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Tags: life insurance, senior life insurance, term life insurance

If you have a term life insurance policy you hopefully bought it with very specific time frame in mind.  For example,  a 20 year term life insurance policy to see you through raising your children; or a 30 year term life policy to coincide with your mortgage.

So now that term life insurance policy is close to expiring.  What’s the next step?

It all depends on your specific situation.



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Tips for Seniors on When to Compare Insurance Costs

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Tags: long term care insurance, Medicare Part D, Medicare supplement plans, senior life insurance, term life insurance

We all know a medical checkup once a year is a smart step in the prevention of disease and medical conditions, especially as you get older.

But what about your insurance?

A yearly check up on your insurance can be a smart way to reduce your costs.  And, an annual review makes more sense for some types of insurance than others.

Here is a quick guide on annual reviews for insurance if you are over 50:

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3 Tips for Keeping Retiree Health Care Costs Down

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Tags: Medicare advantage plans, Medicare health plans, Medicare Part D, Medicare supplement plans, Retiree health insurance, senior health insurance

Some good news for retirees about health care costs:  they have dropped about 8% since last year.

But wait before you celebrate. 

The cost is still a jaw dropping $220,000 for a 65 year old couple retiring this year, according to Fidelity Benefits Consulting.  That does not include costs associated with long term care.

Retiree health care is likely the largest expense you will face in retirement. 

Here are 3 tips for helping you control health care costs in retirement.


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5 Tips for Medicare Planning and Retirement

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Tags: Medicare, Medicare and turning 65, Medicare health plans

Getting ready to retire?  An important part of your retirement plan should be your health care coverage in retirement.  Why?  Because making a mistake in selecting the right coverage can lead to significant unplanned costs – devastating for any retirement plan.

Your first stop should be your benefits office so you understand when your group health care coverage would end (assuming your company does not have retiree health benefits) and your options for continuing coverage if you are under age 65. If you are turning 65 and signing up for Medicare soon or over 65, Medicare will likely be your medical insurance going forward.

Here are 5 tips for planning for your Medicare coverage after you leave employer coverage

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Critical Care Insurance for Long Term Care Costs

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Tags: Long Term Care, long term care costs, long term care insurance, Long-Term Care

The rules for eligibility for long term care insurance continue to tighten and at the same time the costs for long term care continue to climb.  That is why some people are turning to critical care insurance as an option to pay future long term care costs.

Critical care insurance is a type of insurance that pays you a cash benefit when you are diagnosed with condition covered by the policy.  You receive the cas benefit directly to spend as you wish.

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