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Term Life Insurance Doesn’t Cost as Much as You Think

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Tags: life insurance, term life insurance

When it comes to insurance, we generally aren’t very good at guessing how much insurance costs.  We underestimate some and overestimate others.  New research shows that consumers believe the cost of life insurance is nearly three times the actual price!

And the younger you are the more likely you are to think life insurance costs a lot more than it does.  The survey asked people to estimate the cost of a 20-year, $250,000 level term life policy for a health 30 year old.  Survey respondents estimated $400 per year when the actual cost ...

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No Federal Long Term Care Program Yet

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Tags: Long Term Care, long term care insurance, long-term care insurance

It appears that rumors are abounding that coming with the new health care law in 2014 is a Federal long term care program.  There is not a federal long term care program coming.

In fact, the only thing that “Obamacare” includes for long term care is the creation of a commission to look at how a long term care program could be structured in the future.

So if you are passing up on long term care insurance in anticipation of a new Federal program – don’t do it.  Even if the commission comes back with a recommendation it will take legislation from Congress to make that happen.

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Should You Buy Long Term Care Insurance for Your Parents?

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Tags: aging parents, caregivers, long term care costs, long term care insurance

The impact of long term care costs doesn’t just sit with the person who will need care.  It reverberates throughout the family.  That’s why some adult children find that purchasing long term care insurance for their parent is a smart way to protect their own financial future.

The facts are that 1 in 4 adults will experience adult caregiving duties.  

At Longevity Alliance we often get the question of whether a child can pay for the long term care policy for their parent.  The answer is yes. But it requires some discussion and coordination. 

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No Cost Sharing Coming for Medigap Plan F

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Good news for seniors with Medicare Supplement Plan F.

The government said last week it won’t move forward with plans to add cost sharing to Medigap Plan F and Plan C. As part of the Affordable Care Act, the government posed the possibility of having policyholders share costs to encourage appropriate use of physician’s services under Medicare Part B.

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