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Act Fast if You are Unhappy with Your Medicare Advantage Plan

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Tags: Medicare advantage plans, Medicare supplement, Medigap Plans

Sometimes a Medicare Advantage plan just doesn’t fit right.  If you find yourself in that situation, you still have time to drop your plan.  The Medicare Advantage Disenrollment period is from January 1 through February 14.  Before you drop your Medicare Advantage plan make sure you know your options and if you want a Medicare Supplement plan make sure you can pass the meical underwriting questions first.

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Long Term Care Insurance Rates for Men Dropping

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Tags: long term care costs, long term care insurance, long-term care insurance

Long term care insurance rates for men are dropping, while couples will pay slighty more this year compared to last year.  Single women have seen the highest jump in long term care insurance rates this year compared to last year, according to a new report about long term care insurance rates.  It is important for consumers to shop and compare long term care insurance rates since rates and benefits vary widely among insurance companies.  Longevity Alliance Consumer Guide to Long Term Care Insurance provides tips on what to look for in a long term care insurance policy.

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Health and Safety Tips for Seniors in 2014

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Tags: Medicare, seniors

No better time than the beginning of a new year to take a look at ways you can save in the year ahead and take advantage of services that help you prevent costly insurance bills.

Let’s take a look at a couple easy ways for seniors to have a healthier and safer 2014:  driver safety classes; Medicare preventive services and new Medicare prescription drug plan mail order rules.

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