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Paying Too Much for Term Life Insurance?

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Tags: compare term life rates, life insurance, term life insurance

Are you a "buy and forget it" person when it comes to shopping for term life insurance.  If so, you may be paying too much for your life insurance.  Term life insurance rates are dropping so getting a term life insurance quote now will help you compare and see if you can save. Also check to make sure that you have enough coverage to protect your family. It is smart to shop and compare term life insurance rates to get the right policy at the best price for your needs.  Check out these 3 tips on buying life insurance.

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Medicare Open Enrollment Period Coming Soon

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Tags: Medicare Advantage, Medicare open enrollment, Medicare Part D

Medicare open enrollment is coming soon. So if you have a Medicare Prescription drug plan or a Medicare Advantage plan - or want to join one - mark your calendar for October 15.  That is the date you can apply for a plan for 2015.  The new plans start Jan. 1, 2015. Your health may have changed, plan prices change and so can the coverage from co-pays to deductibles to which doctors are in the network.  When you compare Medicare plans you can be sure that you have the right fit for your health care needs. Here are three tips to compare Medicare plans during Medicare Open Enrollment.

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Medicare Plan Mail? Open It!

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Tags: 2015, Advantage, drug, enrollment, Medicare, open, plan

If you have a Medicare Advantage plan or a Medicare Prescription Drug plan watch your mail.  You will be receiving very important information from your insurance company about what your plan will cost and cover in 2015.  Open it!  Don't set it aside because you may miss out on being able to change your plan for 2015.  Medicare's open enrollment period is October 15 - December 7.  That letter will tell you if you need to change plans for 2015.  It is smart to shop and compare Medicare plans during open enrollment to make sure you still have the right plan at the right price for you!

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