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3 Types of People Who Need Life Insurance Too

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Tags: caregivers, life insurance, seniors

Don't be fooled by the photos of young families on life insurance ads.  There are lots of other people who need life insurance too!  Single mothers and fathers, caregivers and aging adults are all groups of people who can benefit from having a life insurance policy.  If that's you, read about why you should shop and compare life insurance rates to protect your loved ones.

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Long Term Care Insurance Deductions for 2015

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Tags: Long Term Care, long term care insurance, long-term care insurance

If you are thinking about buying a long term care insurance policy make sure you calculate in the potential tax deduction available to you each year.  The IRS just issued the tax deductibility guidelines for 2015.  The amount available is based on your age and medical expenses incurred for the year (if you are Medicare age, Medicare premiums count). Many states also offer a tax deduction or credit for people who buy long-term care insurance.

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Knowledge Not Inertia Should Drive Your Medicare Plan Choice

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Tags: Medicare insurance quotes, Medicare open enrollment, Medicare Part D, Medicare Part D rates 2015

How much can you save by comparing Medicare plans?  We saved a customer over $14,000 on their drugs in 2015 simply by finding them a plan where their preferred local pharmacy is in the network.  Not everyone will see such huge savings, but many can save $100-$200 a year simply by making sure that during Medicare Open Enrollment they compare Medicare plans and look at all their options. Make sure knowledge not inertia drives your Medicare plan choice.

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