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Information You Can Count On To Make a Good Medicare Decision

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Tags: Medicare, Medicare Advantage, Medicare advantage plans

CMS  will be taking a stronger hand in making sure that Medicare customers using Medicare Advantage plans have accurate and up-to-date information about their networks.  The agency is proposing penalties for inaccurate information. The efforts to bring more accurate data to Medicare customers was applauded by Darren Gruendel, President, iQuote by Longevity Alliance. "Having listened closely to hundreds of thousands of consumers about what matters most to them in choosing a Medicare plan, we at iQuote by Longevity Alliance understand that “how and where they get their care” usually ranks below only a plan’s total expected cost," he said.

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5 Tips on Making the Most of Your Medicare Part D Plan

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Tags: Medicare Part D, Medicare Part D rates 2015

Now that you've used your 2015 Medicare Part D drug plan for a few months are there any surprises?  Are you sure you are getting the most benefits out of your plan?  Here are 5 tips for making the most of your Medicare Part D drug plan. Whether you changed plans or kept the same plan, you'll find the rules have changed - maybe a lot or maybe a little,  But know before you head to the pharmacy! 

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Long Term Care Insurance Costs Up Slightly

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Tags: care, insurance, long, rates, term

Compared to a year ago, long term care insurance rates are up slightly, according to a new industry report.  As rate increase it is more important than ever that consumers shop and compare long term care rates to make sure they get the right coverage.  Longevity Alliance's Guide to Long Term Care Insurance helps consumers ask the right questions about whether long term care insurance is right for them.

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