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Medicare Costs in Retirement

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Tags: Medicare, Medicare supplement plans, retirement planning

Health care expenses should be a big part of your retirement plan as lifetime costs for a couple retiring this year can total more than $265.00, according to a new study.  And that's just the basics of covering Medicare costs.  Add on dental, vision and out-of-pocket expenses and the estimate climbs to almost $400,000.  That's why it is important to carefully consider the type of Medicare plan you buy and to check that plan every year to make sure it is still the right fit at the right price.

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Medicare Supplement Plan J Rates Too High? Time to Switch

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Tags: Medicare supplement, Medicare supplement plans, Medicare supplement rates

If the rates on your Medicare Supplement Plan J are getting to high, it is time to think about switching plans. Most people switch to Medigap plan F which gives you the same coverage but usually a lower rate and more stable rate increases. Rates on Plan J are going up because it is a discontinued plan - with no new people coming into the plan there are fewer premiums to cover the claims so the rates will go up. That trend will only get worse. So if you have Plan J see if you can qualify to switch plans.

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More Flexible Credit Reporting Rules on Medical Debt

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Tags: debt, medical, Medicare, seniors

Medical debt will be treated differently by credit reporting agencies giving consumers more time before the medical bills negatively impact credit scores.  And once resolved the credit rating agencies agreed that the debt will be removed.  This is good news for seniors with Medicare  who often end up with medical debt while they are waiting for insurance payments to catch up to their bills.

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