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Paying for Medicare Part B


Tags: Medicare, Medicare Part B, Medicare supplement

So how do you pay for Medicare Part B premiums if you aren’t receiving social security yet?  We increasingly receive this question from those turning 65 and getting ready to sign up for Medicare.

If you are already receiving social security benefits, the monthly Part B premium is subtracted from your social security payment.  But with more people waiting to collect full Social Security benefits at age 66 or later, how do you pay Part B premiums?

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Long Term Care Insurance Pays Off

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Tags: long term care insurance

If you’re wondering whether long term care insurance is worth the price, listen to this.  The largest open long term care insurance claim has reached $1.7 million in paid benefits. The woman who bought the cover long term care insurance at age 43, paid an annual premium of $881.  She needed care for three years later and has been collecting on that policy for 15 years. 

That’s $2643 for $1.7 million in care…so far. 

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Popularity of Medicare Supplement Plans Continues

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Tags: baby boomers, Medicare, Medicare supplement

It seems baby boomers like Medicare Supplement plans, too. Medicare Supplement insurance (Medigap plans) continues to be the choice for covering Medicare healthcare costs for an increasing number of Americans.

There has been much discussion about whether Medicare Advantage plans would be more popular with baby boomers than Medicare Supplement insurance. But the number of enrollments show that baby boomers, just like previous generations, are attracted to the comprehensive coverage offered by Medicare Supplement insurance.

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Comparing Home Health Agencies for Long Term Care

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Tags: Long Term Care, long term care insurance

<p> Finding the right home health care agency for long term care needs can be&nbsp;emotionally gruelling and time consumting.&nbsp; A new government website may make things&nbsp;just&nbsp;a bit easier.&nbsp;</p> <p> The government unveiled its new <a href="http://www.medicare.gov/homehealthcompare/search.aspx">comparison tool for Medicare-certified home health agencies</a>.</p> <p> The information is based on survey results from patient&rsquo;s actual experience and will be updated regularly.&nbsp; That means that the information will be more valuable over time as the experiences of more people are added into the results.&nbsp;</p>

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What's The Right Retirement Age?

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Tags: baby boomers, Long Term Care, Medicare and turning 65

Baby boomers aren’t waiting to retire, according to a new study of baby boomers turning 65 last year. But for some of them it was poor health, not choice, that lead them into retirement, according to the research report by MetLife Mature Market Institute.

Almost one half (45%) of 65-year-old baby boomers are now fully retired, with another 14% reporting they are retired but working part-time or seasonally. Of those who are already retired, half (51%) report they retired earlier than expected.

Almost four in ten (37%) retired earlier than planned due to health reasons, with another 16% saying they lost their job or find a lack of job opportunities.

So while we read lots of articles about baby boomers working until they drop, it appears that they aren’t all that different than previous generations.

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Oregon Medicare Supplement Birthday Rule

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Tags: Medicare, Medicare supplement

If you are a resident of Oregon with a Medicare supplement plan, you’ll have more flexibility to switch plans beginning in 2013. 

The state recently adopted a “birthday” rule that provides for a 30-day period when you can switch Medicare supplement plans on a guarantee issue basis -that means no medical underwriting and the company must accept you. 

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Is Home Care the Answer to Rising Long Term Care Costs?

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Tags: Long Term Care, long term care insurance


A new study on long term care costs shows the cost of care continues to climb, especially nursing home care.

But, we know most people want to stay as home to receive long term care.  And, there is good news there.

The cost of homemaker services and home health aide services did not increase in the past year.  The reason at home long term care services remained flat is because of increased competition among agencies and the availability of unskilled labor and that these types of services don’t have the same fixed costs associated with a nursing home facility, according to Genworth which sponsored the study.

So what’s that mean to planning for your long term care costs in the future? 

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Seniors: Watch Out For Falls

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Tags: Long Term Care, seniors

Remember when a fall meant simply picking yourself up, dusting yourself off and continuing on?

Things change as you get older. Falls become dangerous—even deadly.

The statistics are compelling: 1 out of 3 Americans aged 65+ falls , and many of those falls lead to the need for long term care and lost independence or death.

It can happen fast.

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