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Can Comparing Medicare Supplement Plans Save You Money?

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Tags: Medicare, Medicare supplement plans, Retiree health insurance

Comparing Medicare plans from different companies can save you money. Yes, even if you are looking for a standardized Medigap Plan F policy.  Over the next several weeks we'll share some consumer stories with you about calls that have come into iQuote and how an iQuote.com Health Plan Advisor helped the consumer find a solution for her situation.

This first story involves a woman moving to a new state and seeking replacement for a union retiree health insurance plan.

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5 Tips to Reduce Health Care Cost Surprises in Retirement

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Tags: Medicare, Medicare open enrollment, Medicare supplement, Retiree health insurance, Retirement

No matter how well planned you think you’ve got retirement there are always some surprises.  New research shows that many retirees are caught by surprise by how much health care costs and how hard it is to stay healthy.

When asked what costs more in retirement than they thought, more than half (55 percent) cited health care.  Here are the top five expenses that were higher than they planned:

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Is 70 the New 65: What's the Right Retirement Age?

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Tags: Medicare, Medicare and turning 65, Retirement, social security benefits

Ask most baby boomers what the normal retirement age is and they will tell you 65. That’s when Medicare coverage begins. And that used to be the age when you could begin collecting full Social Security benefits.

Though age 62 has also been a popular retirement age, the point at which you can begin receiving Social Security, though at a reduced level. When money was flowing, and housing prices escalating, a high number of people jumped on the age 62 retirement band wagon.

Then came the recession.

So do you have to work forever?  Or is 70 the new retirement age?

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Should a Couple Buy the Same Medicare Insurance Plan?

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Tags: Medicare, Medicare advantage plans, Medicare supplement plans

A recent caller for Medicare health insurance said she wanted the same plan as her husband.  But, after a few questions it was clear that his plan was not necessarily the right plan for her.  Her health care needs were much different than his, she used different doctors and her prescription drugs were not adequately covered by the plan he selected.

It didn’t mean he had the wrong plan. His plan was a good choice for his health care needs.  She simply needed a plan that matched her health care needs. 

Here are 3 tips for picking the right Medicare insurance plan.

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The Numbers Behind Caregiving

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Tags: caregivers, Long Term Care

As more evidence that we are an aging society, the government is now tracking the time spent by individuals providing elder care.  This is not about institutional or paid professionals.  This is time family members are giving to help older family members and friends with household and leisure activities.

The numbers  are a reminder about how many of us will reach a point where we need the assistance of someone else and how much of this care is provided at home.

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