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Who Should Shop Rates on Medicare Supplement Plans?

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Tags: Medicare, Medicare supplement, Medicare Supplement Plan F, Medicare supplement plans

You should always shop and compare Medicare Supplement plans because the rates among different companies for the exact same benefits can vary widely - by 68% in Manhattan according to new research. That compares to Medicare supplement rates that vary by only 14% in Los Angeles for the exact same Plan F product.  The Medicare Supplement Insurance Index shows it is always smart to shop and compare Medicare supplement plans.  Looking at just one company can lead to paying too much for your insurance.

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How Do You Pick a Medicare Supplement Company?

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Tags: Medicare supplement, Medicare supplement plans

There are lots of choices so here are 3 tips for picking a Medicare supplement company.  One of the most important things to consider is the size and experience of the company.  That's because you need to think not just about today's rate but what happens over time and how rates increase.  With just 5 companies holding more than 50% of the market, it's smart to know who they are and what to watch for if you  choose a company with fewer Medicare supplement customers.

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Long Term Care Costs Keep Increasing

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Tags: baby boomers, Long Term Care, long term care costs, long term care insurance

The cost of long term care continues to climb making it more important than ever that people plan for how they will pay for care when they need it.  Medicare does not pay for long term care. The cost of long term care depends upon where you are living so it is wise to look up the average costs in your area to determine how much financial protection you need.  Long term care insurance is one way to reduce financial risk in retirement.

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